As kids go, building castles isn’t exactly a fun activity for most, but it’s a perfect fit for kids of all ages.

We’re going to take a look at the various parts needed to build a Lego Castle, and how to build them in a LEGO style.

The LEGO Castle will require:A Lego tower with a few pieces for the front and the side to support the bricks.

A few pieces are needed to support it, but there are also lots of other parts that can be used.

A large Lego base is necessary to hold the castle together.

A 3D printer, or MakerBot Replicator.

A couple of sets of Lego bricks for the base.

A lot of the parts can be found at Amazon.

There are many cheaper options on Amazon.

A couple of Lego towers.

A lot of Lego bases.

You can make your own Lego Castle in a few different ways.

You can build your own LEGO castle using the basic construction of a Lego Tower, or you can try out the different ways to build the castle.

You could build the Lego Castle using the following steps:Using a Lego Brick as the base for the castleThe basic building of a castle using a LEGO TowerUsing a LEGO Brick as a base for a castle, and then adding bricks to the baseOnce you have the basic building completed, it’s time to add bricks to your base, to form the castle as a tower.

The first step is to create a Lego base out of a standard Lego Tower.

There is one simple rule to follow: The tower should be as long as the tower, and the base should be long enough to allow for the tower to be held in place.

A simple rule of thumb for a Lego tower is: The length of the tower is 3m, and 3m is equal to the length of one LEGO tower.

So if you are building a tower of 1.25m, you would make your base out to be 9m long.

Once you’ve built the tower out to length, you will need to add more bricks.

This will be done by adding a set of Lego Brick to the bottom of the base, and attaching the bricks to that.

These bricks will be the part of the castle that supports the tower.

You will want to make sure you have a minimum of 4 of these bricks in the castle, to allow the castle to stand on its own.

Adding a few more bricks to form a towerThe final step is for you to add the bricks you want to build onto the castle walls.

This can be done either by adding more bricks or by adding another set of bricks to replace the last brick.

Once you have added a few additional bricks to create the tower from a set, you can attach them to the top of the new castle.

This will be very simple, and can be accomplished by simply adding more LEGO bricks to a set and then building a set from that.

The bricks will only need to be added once to build your tower.

If you want more Lego tower examples, check out the following Lego Tower Lego Castle Tutorials.