Posted October 20, 2019 09:01:17Students at the University of Melbourne are planning to build a new architecture degree program that will open to all Australians.

The program will be launched at the end of the academic year, with the goal of increasing the numbers of graduates with a Bachelor of Architecture in 2018 and 2019.

“The new program will offer a broad range of opportunities to young architects, including the opportunity to study at a top tier university, where they will have the opportunity of studying under the guidance of a highly experienced, world class architect, and will be able to earn a degree in Architecture, the next step in their career,” the University said in a statement.

The program is currently open to Australian students only.

Currently, architects with Bachelor of Architectural Engineering degrees are eligible to apply to the Bachelor of Building Engineering program at the Melbourne Institute of Architecture.

It is hoped the program will help encourage more students to study architecture and help ensure that it is available to those who may be looking to pursue careers in the construction industry.

At the University, architects can apply to study the Bachelor’s of Architecture degree by filling in the application form online.

In 2018, only 30 per cent of eligible applicants received a degree.

Graduates will be given a Certificate of Bachelor of Architects and are required to complete a professional development and design program.