The new Masters of Architecture graduate is one of the first in his field.

But it wasn’t always that way.

A long career in construction began in the 1970s.

His parents worked in the construction industry and he got a job with the National Guard.

His father took a job as a plumber in the Army after World War II.

The elder Manfred was in the military for years, but the young Manfred never felt like he had any kind of responsibility in his life.

He was always working, making a living and enjoying life.

As a teenager, he dreamed of being an architect.

His dream was to design a school, a museum or a movie theater.

His goal was to be an architect in the future.

In 1985, he and his girlfriend got married.

He had two daughters and was married for four years.

But his dreams were cut short by his son’s tragic death.

As a young man, Manfred felt responsible for his son.

He blamed himself and wanted to be a father.

He felt ashamed of his father and wanted no part of that.

As an architect, he learned to be careful and to work with integrity.

He learned that architects do not have to be successful at the highest level to become successful at another level.

He became very interested in the architectural world, and he took the path that was offered to him.

When Manfred graduated from the Masters program in 1998, he decided to go back to school to continue his architectural education.

He went to a small city school, and soon he began to design and build houses and buildings.

Today, he is a master architect.

He is working on buildings for the military, the White House, a hospital and other buildings in various countries around the world.

He plans to do the same for his home.