By now, you know that the Chicago Architecture tour was announced in October, when the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs announced that it would be hosting the first-ever tour of Chicago’s architectural heritage. 

The tour will take place on the National Register of Historic Places, and the entire trip will be narrated by Chicago architect James Gee. 

It’ll be narrated entirely by Gee, with an introduction by Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and an interview with Gee and a look back at Chicago’s architecture from his early days. 

In the event you’ve been living in Chicago all your life, you’ll also hear the Chicago architect tell a story of his life and work. 

And, yes, you will also get to watch the tour through the eyes of Chicagoans themselves, with the Chicago City Councilmember, former city councilmember, and now Mayor Rahm Emmanuel (who is also a tour guide). 

The Chicago Architecture series is a series of three tours, with a focus on the city in the years following the 1906 earthquake.

The tour has been described as a “historical snapshot” of Chicago, and will include tours of the historic core, which include the city of Chicago itself, the Chicago Museum of Art, the Rose Bowl, the Illinois State Capitol, and much more.

The tours will also include a look at the history of Chicago through architectural styles, landmarks, and neighborhoods. 

According to the Chicago Architectural Heritage Council, there are over 2,000 historic buildings in the city, with some dating back to the 1880s. 

“The Chicago architectural landscape is one of the oldest in the United States,” says Gee in the announcement.

“Many of the buildings in this series will have a lasting impact on the lives of Chicago residents.”

The Chicago Architecture tour will be presented by the Chicago Council for Historic Preservation and the Chicago Historic Trust, and it will be open to the public on September 23, 2018.