A new kind of house is emerging across the globe.

It’s called a modular house, and it’s just the kind of thing you might want to make a custom home for yourself.

In a new video from the company Architects & Engineers For America, designer David Pecot shows off his own house that he built to be his own personal project.

He built the house in his own backyard, with a kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

It has a custom built ceiling, with LED lights that shine out from under the walls.

He also added custom doors and windows that let in natural light, so the house looks like a natural living room without the windows.

Pecot said that he was drawn to the idea of modular houses because they let him create a home that was both functional and beautiful.

“The house is completely modular.

You can put your kids up here, or your spouse up here.

You could put your pets up here,” he said.

The house has been designed with a wide range of materials and materials that he wanted to be able to add to it.

“I thought, this is a very cool way to design a house,” he explained.

And with his modular house design, Pecott could also create a custom-designed house with just the basic components he needed.

In his video, Pethot showed off the house with a custom designed wood stove, a custom painted wood deck and floor, custom cabinets, and custom furniture.

It also had two different floor plans and a kitchen and living space, he said, adding that they all came together to create an entire house.

Pecott said he was inspired by a similar modular house that was created in France by the architect Paul Kogel, who is known for his modular designs.

“We have a modular kitchen, we have a kitchen with an entire kitchen,” Pecots explained.

“We have two different rooms in the house,” Pethots said.

“There’s the living room, and then the bedroom, and the dining room.”

Pecots said he wanted the house to look like it was on a journey.

So with a bit of help from his wife and a bit more of his imagination, he was able to make it his own.

You can find more of Pecota’s work here.