Architectural firm Marshfield & Harlan has been awarded $3.5 million in a bid to open its first museum in the Seattle region.

The project was proposed to the Seattle Department of Transportation and Parks by Marshfield Architecture, which specializes in sustainable architecture and landscape design, according to the city.

The museum will be housed at the corner of Second and Pike Sts.

The former site of the old Seattle Public Library is slated to be converted into a mixed-use complex that includes a public plaza, restaurant, retail, and residential housing.

Marshfield Architects, along with the Seattle Public Art Museum, is planning the project as part of its new MOS, the Seattle Modern Architecture of the Year.

The $3 million, 30-year contract is the latest installment in the company’s long-term commitment to Seattle.

It’s been in the works since 2010, when the Seattle Development Commission awarded Marshfield $1.8 million in its first bid.

The new deal, which covers construction of the museum, renovation of the former library building, and the expansion of its current space, was announced on Monday.

It was announced at a ceremony at the old Library at Pike and Second streets that was attended by several members of the city’s City Council.

The city’s budget for the museum’s construction, renovations, and expansion will be $1 million.

The MOS was launched by the City Council last October.

The council gave $1,400,000 to the project.

The Seattle City Council is also partnering with the University of Washington to create the MOS Museum and Digital Archives.