We can all agree that the modern home has a lot of potential for saving money, but it’s a pretty expensive place to live.

That means it’s probably worth getting a book or two in order to get a better understanding of what’s out there for the most part.

Here are 10 books, magazines, and other resources that will make you a little more confident about your finances.


The Art of Investing and Investing In Art: How To Get Rich And How To Learn How To Live Better, by Mark Karpeles and Mark Zandi, Penguin Random House.


How To Save Money: What to do when you’re broke, by David W. Dickson and Charles Eisenstein, Little, Brown.


The Money Manager’s Guide to Money Management: The Definitive Guide to Buying Your Way to Wealth, by Peter Cawthorne, Simon & Schuster.


The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Gold: Gold Investing 101 by Paul Ryan, Little Brown.


The Wealth Building Guide: A Complete Guide to Wealth and Invested Life, by Benjamin Graham, Simon and Schuster, Penguin.


The 10 Laws of Investedness: The Ultimate Listening Guide to Success in the World of Invest, by Charles F. Johnson and Stephen Covey, HarperCollins.


The 5 Steps to Wealth Management: Five Principles to Improve Your Personal Financial Management, by Robert Shiller, Harper Collins.


The Power of Personal Finance: 5 Ways to Build Your Financial Power, by Stephen Covet, Penguin, Hardcover.


The Complete Money Book Club: The 10 Most Effective Ways to Save, by Paul Graham, Penguin Group, Hardback, Kindle, iBooks.


The Wisdom of Investment: 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest More Than You Think, by Warren Buffett, Little Red Book.