Architect Frank Daugherty has revealed plans for an ‘architectural depot’ in the heart of Dublin’s financial district.

The project is part of a project by the Dublin Architecture Fund, a partnership between the city’s Department of Arts and the National Art Gallery of Ireland.

Dublin City Council’s Economic Development Authority (EDA) is funding the project, with an application to Dublin City Council for planning permission to build the depot on the site of a former dairy barn at the intersection of Clontarf Street and Carriage Lane.

The plan, which will be unveiled in the next few weeks, will see the depot located in the middle of a cluster of buildings.

The site, in the centre of Dublin, is a hub for businesses and retail.

Dubai architect Frank Daughherty revealed plans in a presentation to the EDA. 

“Architects from all over the world have used this site as an industrial area,” he said.

“In a way it’s been a good place for artists and designers to be.”

“It’s a hub of activity, a hub where the local businesses can take place, and that’s good for the environment.”

I want it to be an industrial site.

It’s an area of industrial activity, it’s a place where people come to get their jobs done.

“The depot would also include a small park.

Mr Daughphy said the area was also well-suited to hosting a new community centre, with a new café, art gallery, cafe, hotel and restaurant, as well as a new retail complex.”

We have a lot of good retail spaces in the city centre,” he added.

He said the plan was for the depot to be fully functional by 2020.

Dubney’s financial centre has a population of 2.8 million, but the current structure is in need of significant repairs and renovation.

The proposed depot would be located at the site where the former dairy farm, located in Clontaltown, was demolished in 2009.

The area has been used as a community centre for many years, and is the site for the first community centre in the area, the City of Dublin.

Dubren’s commercial district has a mixed population of people from different ethnic backgrounds, and it is also home to a number of high-rise towers.

There’s good shopping and shopping, and there’s good dining. “

The whole site is a great place to live,” he explained.

“There’s good shopping and shopping, and there’s good dining.

It’s a really good place to have a café and go out and socialise.”

Dublin’s commercial centre is home to the City Hall, the National Arts Centre, the Dublin Museum of Art and a number in the financial services industry.