A building has been named after its architect.

Architectures magazine said in an article on its website that the building of the French aristocrat Nicolas de Bouillon in the 17th century in Le Monde was named after the name of a former master.

The architect was born in the 18th Century, and his father was a master of the arts.

The house was built in 1819, and he died in 1828.

According to the magazine, the name was changed after the building was given to the building department of the National Archives.

Archaeologists are investigating whether the name should be retained for other buildings.

The house was designed by René-Marie de Bouillons Architect, Jean-Pierre Hidalgo, who was awarded the French Architectural Prize in 1792.

He was also awarded the National Academy of Arts in 1798, and was a member of the Royal Academy of Architecture in 1796.