BU’s Architecture and Design Department has released the first batch of students to begin their courses.

The classes were created with the goal of providing students with an introduction to the craft of architecture and designing in a challenging and innovative environment.

The course offerings will expand in the coming weeks and months as the BU architecture department continues to invest in expanding the curriculum.

“The first batch is designed to give students a strong foundation to learn about the fundamentals of design, building design, and the profession,” said Brian Bock, associate dean of undergraduate studies at BU, in a press release.

“They will be given the opportunity to work with faculty and the faculty in their areas of expertise and be introduced to the breadth of experience of the profession.”

The BU architecture students are expected to begin the coursework in fall 2018, with the rest of the students taking the course in the fall of 2019.

Students are encouraged to apply early to get the most out of the program, which is open to students of all backgrounds.

The BU Architecture Department’s undergraduate program, BU-Architecture, is the most comprehensive in the country and offers over 30 courses in architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, and other academic disciplines.

Students take classes in design, urban planning, and urban planning and design process design, while also working closely with the BU Department of Architecture.