A building in Australia’s west has received a record-breaking $10 million worth of upgrades from the Federal Government after a powerful quake rocked the area in January.

Key points:A $10m boost to the West Gate Apartments in Geelong has made the complex more earthquake-resistantMore than 400 people were evacuated after the quakeIn addition, a new building has been constructed in nearby Bendigo to deal with the extra seismic riskThe $10million upgrade to the building has resulted in a major seismic upgrade, as well as a new structure to deal for the extra quake risk.

“We have built this building to the highest standards, we’ve put in all the necessary structural support for a new earthquake,” Acting Minister for Environment, Tourism and Community Infrastructure, Jason Clare said.

“It’s really a massive boost to a building in a region that’s going to be heavily impacted by an earthquake.”

Key pointsThe West Gate apartment complex has been built to the high standards of a major earthquakeMr Clare said the building was built for a more earthquake resistant architectureIt will now house up to 400 peopleMore than 40,000 people have been evacuated from Bendigo after a magnitude 7.8 quake in January, with more than 400 homes evacuated.

A new building in Bendigo has been installed to cope with the increased seismic risk, the Federal Minister said.

The upgrade includes a new facade and floor to deal the extra riskThe new building is being built for people in Bendigoe who are more earthquake prone, with up to 40,004 people being relocated from Bendigo to Bendigo and another 30,000 from Bendicoe to Bendic.

Mr Clare has said that, after the earthquake, there was a lot of confusion around the new building.

“In Bendigo people started to think that this was the new West Gate,” he said.

He said that there was also confusion around whether it was a new apartment building or a building that was already there.

“They were very confused and that’s why we’re so pleased to see that the new buildings are all earthquake-proof, because it’s a new architecture and it’s built to a high standard,” Mr Clare said, adding that there were no structural changes to the existing buildings.

“The Westgate building is not a structural change.”

Mr Clare noted that the building will now be used by up to 100 people, but that he was not yet sure how many people were actually going to live in the new apartments.

He would not disclose the number of people living in the building, or when the new apartment buildings will be built.

“This is just a building to make sure that people are safe,” Mr Claire said.

Mr Andrews said he was pleased that the Government was providing $10.5 million in assistance for earthquake-related infrastructure upgrades.

“There’s a lot more to do, but this is the first step in getting the rest of the state on track to having some of the most earthquake-tolerant buildings in the country,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

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