The building of the Lego Architecture set is about the idea that you can create something by combining bricks, metal, and plastic.

The buildings themselves are made of bricks, but they can be built to look like any other Lego building.

And the builders themselves are actually Lego pieces.

I’m going to give you an example of one of the more unusual buildings in the set, the house at Lego headquarters in England.

The Lego Building of the House at Lego HQ is a building that looks like a house from a movie, except it’s actually made of Lego bricks.

This isn’t something that Lego is normally making; instead, it was created for Lego’s theme park, The Legoland® Movie Park, and is meant to showcase the building’s aesthetic and aesthetic.

Here’s what it looks like: A few years ago, I visited The Legos Movie Park for the first time, and while I was in the park, I happened upon this amazing house.

It was made entirely out of Lego, and when I showed it to the builders, they said, “We built this for Lego.

This is not our house.”

It wasn’t until I showed the builders a photo of the building that they realized it was actually made out of LEGO bricks.

That house is still there.

Here is what it is now: A house made out out of a Lego building in a LEGO theme park.

It looks like the building was designed by Lego architect Richard Smith.

The house is so much more than a building.

Lego has created this world of LEGO architecture.

The builders are Lego builders themselves, and they build houses and buildings based on the LEGO Architecture set.

The building is really cool, and I don’t know if you could imagine building something out of an actual building without Lego.

The House of Lego Architecture is the kind of thing that Lego wants to make available to other people, like you can build houses in Minecraft or Lego games.

I’ve also seen them create their own buildings based off the Lego Building, but it’s still quite unusual.

But the building is awesome, and it looks pretty cool to look at.

It’s made entirely from Lego bricks, and that’s the coolest part.

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