The British College of Art and Design (BCAD) in Liverpool has opened its doors for the first time in its nearly 60 years, and aims to provide an alternative to the “one-size-fits-all” model of undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

The BCA is a new, independent school that aims to offer more than 100 postgraduate courses and a number of architectural and landscape design courses, with a “design ethos” that includes “practical and creative thinking” as well as “creative expression and creative practice”.

“We want to build a space that is open and inviting for all, not just those who have a specific set of skills,” said chief executive, Simon Condon, speaking at the opening of the school on Wednesday.

“We recognise the need for more of an apprenticeship and creative-design-focused degree programme, and are looking to the BCA as a place to start.”

The new school, which opened in March, is the first independent college in England to open its doors.

“Our mission is to build an institution that is the perfect place for students and professionals to explore the art, architecture and design world, and work together to make the future of design better,” Condon said.

The school’s new ethos is that it is a place where students and staff can “recreate and celebrate their passions”, he said.

“The school is focused on providing an experience that enables students to make their own impact in the world and the wider art and design community.

It’s an educational opportunity that is designed for all.”

The school is a collaborative venture between the British College and the BFA, which is run by the BBA.

The British Art Institute of Liverpool has also opened its first campus at the school.

“BFA is a global, interdisciplinary, global institution that provides a rigorous, global, and global education and training to students from around the world,” Cordon said.

He added that the BACC had a “long-standing history” of “bringing in new students and supporting existing graduates”.

“BACC has been recognised internationally for its excellence in education and teaching,” he said, adding that it was also an “inclusive and inclusive” school, “dedicated to building the future leaders of tomorrow”.

He said that BACC would continue to support the BMA in its efforts to develop a “new model of design” that is more inclusive and accessible to more students.

BACC was founded in 1952 by a group of architects including James McPherson and John Russell, who wanted to create an alternative “design school” to the mainstream design school model.

BFA has over the years been the flagship institution for the British architectural profession.

It has been awarded over £10bn of funding from the government, which has helped support the university’s expansion and diversification into architecture and urban planning.