The new Next Big thing to come from architecture is a grille.

The grille, which is the only visible part of a building, will be a huge boon to design, according to architect Ramiro Sánchez-Cortés, the design director for the Architecture Institute of New York.

“It will be an enormous improvement in aesthetics and will make it easier for the designers to get the details right,” Sánchés told the New York Times.

He says the grille will be so big, it will cover up the building’s interior space, making it much more appealing.

The architecture institute has been working with designers to design the grilles, but they haven’t yet been able to get them built.

The institute has spent $250,000 on prototypes, and the company will build the first grilles in 2017.

Sáncés hopes the grills will become a standard feature of new buildings.

“You can see that we have to do this in a way that will make us competitive with the architectural industry,” he said.

In addition to grilles being a new feature, the grilling process also needs to improve.

“I don’t want to see the griddle burn itself,” Sáenz-Córdoba told the Times.

“But I want to be able to see that the griller is still in use, that we don’t have to throw it away.”

This article was originally published on Newser: Grilling Grills to Bring New Artistic Values to a New Era of Interior Design