By Ramesh Kothari | 09 January 2016 08:01:26In the cryptocurrency world, it’s rare to see a company that has a strong foothold in the industry as large as Cryptsy, which boasts over 5 million active users.

While the majority of the company’s revenue comes from selling cryptocurrencies, the majority is made from a very unique and profitable business model.

Cryptsy makes money through the sale of pre-mined cryptocurrency, a product that lets users buy digital tokens before they are fully mined.

Users can then spend these tokens, or pay to be able to purchase more coins.

The pre-mine, as the name implies, involves the cryptocurrency’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, creating a new cryptocurrency every time he creates a new block.

This process is called a block-by-block chain, or BCT.

This process is designed to ensure that the blockchain is always up-to-date, which is why many cryptocurrency markets are set up in a “blind” mode.

This is because the BCT’s are not allowed to see any information about the coins they are mining, including the hash of their blocks.

It is not uncommon for cryptocurrencies to be mined using large mining pools, which then make a profit off the coins’ pre-mining, but Cryptsy’s model does not allow them to profit off this.

Instead, the pre-monetization process is done on behalf of users.

For the past year, Cryptsy has been working to solve the problem of its users being able to mine their coins before they reach a predetermined value.

Cryptocurrency’s own blockchain is known as a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain, which essentially means that the cryptocurrency is owned by miners and not by the owners of the blockchain.

The company is known for its mining pool-like infrastructure and is constantly adding new mining pools to its blockchain.

In addition, it is also one of the largest cryptocurrency mining pools in the world.

Cryptsy currently holds over $10 billion worth of cryptocurrencies, and is set to open up more mining pools as it grows.

The mining pool revenue is used to pay for the company to expand and hire more people.

Cryptos are a relatively new currency, but it is gaining popularity due to the rising interest in digital currencies.

The cryptocurrency industry has been struggling for years to gain mainstream attention due to its volatile value, which has pushed investors away from traditional currencies.

The price of cryptocurrencies is rising at an alarming rate, which could impact the viability of the industry and the crypto-economy.

The price of Bitcoin is expected to rise between 6 and 10% in the next few months, which would put cryptocurrencies at an even more significant disadvantage than before.