Minimalist architect Andrew W.F. Robinson is using the Internet to create a project that will save taxpayers millions of dollars by saving them from installing the same building twice.

The idea is to build an office building in the same style as the one the U.S. built in the 1980s.

Robinson’s team, the Architectural and Commercial Development Authority of Washington State, is using a $7 million grant from the federal government to complete the project.

It was originally designed as a “high-rise residential development” in the downtown Seattle area, but Robinson’s office building will be a more traditional, smaller-scale, low-rise office building.

Robinson said he was inspired to design the building after the renovation of the Lincoln Financial Center, a historic building in Seattle.

The project, which will take three years to complete, will have a total floor area of 6,000 square feet.

The architect’s team said it would need to trim down the walls to make the space smaller.

The structure would be designed with minimal walls and floor-to-ceiling windows.

The building will also feature a smaller-sized, open-air auditorium and large windows on the third floor.

Robinson said the office building’s design could be replicated in other areas of the U, and could be built with a less costly materials.

He noted the U of M’s building has a minimum floor area in the mid-four-figure range.

In total, the $7.4 million project will take six to eight years to build.

Robinson plans to use a mix of traditional materials, and some of the construction materials could come from a local contractor.

He said he also wants to use existing space to design elements of the building that would be used more often by tenants.

The building, he said, could also serve as a training facility.

Robust, low cost and low maintenance are the major goals of the project, he noted.

The design is still in the early stages, Robinson said.

He said the project could be completed by March 2021.