Building a shingled church is a relatively easy task, even if you are not an architect.

But it is an important one, especially when you want to attract the faithful and to be able to show the faithful the majesty of a shinging structure.

Here is a guide to building a shingly church.1.

First, locate your site.

To find your site, start by visiting a local church and asking for the parishioners.

They will give you a list of locations that will suit your needs.2.

The most basic way to build shingling churches is to use a planter.

Planters are usually made of wood or brick and are usually around 30 feet wide and 40 feet long.

You can get them from a hardware store or a hardware supplier.3.

The best way to get a shinger church built is to put together the parts yourself.

The parts will be placed in a metal box and then attached by string or cable.

You’ll need to buy all of the parts and the building material from the hardware store.4.

The final step is to drill a hole in the ground to fit the shinglings.

To do this, you need to use an angle grinder or other sharp instrument.5.

You may need to drill out the middle of the hole.

To make this easier, you can drill into the soil with a screwdriver, then use a metal scraper to remove the sand.6.

The whole project can take about 15 minutes.

You should be able put it together in about 30 minutes.7.

Once you have finished building your church, you’ll want to seal the shings and add more wood.

If you want your church to look like a castle, you will need to add more pieces of timber.

You will need about 12 inches (30 cm) of board, which will cost about $8 to $10.8.

Next, you should drill a small hole for the roof.

The wood should be in a box with the hole cut into it.

You don’t want the wood to become stuck in the holes.9.

You want to put in a lot of light.

You also need to seal it so it doesn’t shine or crack.

You need to put a lot more boards than you normally would to make sure the wood isn’t going to be damaged by sunlight.

The light needs to be on all day and night.10.

Finally, you want the shingle roof to be as tall as possible.

You could use a wooden frame, but this will require you to build your shingle out of some kind of material.