Architectural design salaries are rising fast, but not for everyone.

According to new data from PayScale, the median salary for a design intern is $18.71 an hour in 2017, a 22% increase from a year earlier.

The median salary of an architect, however, is $49.87 an hour.

These differences are due to a number of factors, from the number of people with design experience and experience with software to the size of the client.

But while it’s not clear why salaries have increased so much over the last decade, it’s likely due to an uptick in client demand for architects.

As the number and variety of architectural projects have grown, demand for architect-led design teams has grown even more.

As of April 2018, the number was about 8 million, and the median number of architects hired for design projects was about 15,000.

While that number may seem small, according to the PayScale report, the average salary of a design designer is around $60,000, which is more than double the median of $32,000 a year.

These salary numbers may seem low for the majority of designers, but in reality, they are quite high for some designers, especially those who specialize in design.

These are not the salaries of a hobbyist, but those who are actually working for a professional firm and are doing something that they love.

The PayScale data reveals that the median income for architects is almost three times that of design teams.

PayScale’s data shows that the average design team pays $45,000 per year, which may seem high, but it’s actually more than $90,000 for a small design team.

That’s more than three times the median salaries for architects that were paid in 2013.

The average salary for the small team of architects is around just $17,000 and they make a lot more than that for the large teams.

This means that architects in the United States will see more than doubling in their salaries in the next decade, even if the number continues to shrink.

For example, if the average designer salary goes up by 30% to $35,000 in the 2020s, then that means that the small teams of architects will earn around $140,000 more than the large ones of architects.

These salaries are definitely not sustainable.

Paying architects more than this will only push the cost of design down, and will only make it more difficult for architects to pursue their passions.

If designers want to stay in the profession, they need to be compensated accordingly.

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