By now, you’ve probably seen the video from last month when Lego architect John Krawczyk put a giant Lego tower on top of the New York Stock Exchange.

But if you’re not familiar with Lego, the video was a fascinating look at how a Lego builder might build a new building.

Lego’s video was one of the first to feature an actual building, but its design was far from finished.

And while some of the elements are obvious, there are a few more details that we didn’t see in the video.

In the final product, the tower has no wheels, and instead relies on two Lego bricks that can be pushed together to form a large, stable structure.

The two bricks act as “tiles”, which act like the building’s foundations.

It’s an innovative concept that we think can work, but how does it work?

How does a Lego building look when it’s completely completed?

It looks a bit like a tower of some kind, but it’s actually a lot more like a car.

This video shows how the building looks like when the bricks have been pushed together.

The building has four main elements: a base, which holds the bricks together, and two legs that can support it up.

The base is composed of a few pieces: the bricks themselves, which form the base; the “floor” of the building, which is the roof; and a central “body”, which can hold all of the bricks and a lot of the space between them.

The body of the structure is composed mostly of Lego bricks, which are used to form the structure’s sides.

The floor of the tower is composed largely of the same bricks, but with a slight difference.

The bricks are held together by glue, and then a thin layer of polycarbonate is added between them, which allows the Lego bricks to form and adhere to the surrounding polycarbonite.

The Lego bricks are then pushed together and pushed further apart to form “spires” of bricks.

The spires are a bit of a mystery.

We think they’re just a bit more sturdy than the bricks.

One theory we have is that the spires form to support the base, allowing it to stick up, or maybe just as a sort of extra support for the base when it is pushed apart.

Another theory suggests that they are made of a material that is actually a bit harder than the concrete blocks used to build the tower.

The only thing we can say is that this is the first video we’ve seen showing how Lego buildings can be made.

This kind of construction method is a little more complex than just building a tower, though.

It requires a lot to make a fully functional building, and there’s a lot that needs to be done before a building can be completed.

To get the right kind of build, Lego’s building techniques can’t just be used to produce the perfect structure, like we’ve been doing with the skyscraper in this video.

Rather, Lego has to be careful about the materials and building methods that go into building a building, so the final result looks something like this: Lego tower in the New Jersey Stock Exchange The structure of a Lego tower: a basic tower.

Building the building: the process of putting bricks together to create the structure.

Building a building that looks like a skyscraper: the final, finished building.

To create the finished building, the building materials need to be completely finished and ready to use.

In this video, we’ve also included some other elements of the construction process that you might not have noticed: a couple of Lego blocks that are being used to fill in gaps and make the building look more sturdy.

We’ve also put in a couple more elements that could be used in the construction of the final building, such as a “spine” for the bricks to go around.

The finished structure: the structure that’s being built.

The structure that has been built: the finished tower.