A Cairo judge has ruled that a lawsuit against an architect over the construction of an apartment complex in Egypt’s central city of Minya must be heard in court.

“The plaintiff has not shown that he has the ability to sue, and this lawsuit has been brought without legal justification,” Judge Mohammed Abdel Fattah said in a statement.

“The plaintiff should be granted preliminary injunctive relief in order to obtain a preliminary injunction to block the construction.”

The lawsuit was filed in October 2016 by Mohamed Zaid, who is an architect and has been involved in building projects in Egypt for years.

He was denied an official permit for the project after he said it was illegal to build apartment buildings.

Zaid’s lawyer, Hassan Zaki, said the judge’s decision was an important first step in the case.

He added that Zaid is willing to pay for damages to be paid to the city of Cairo.

The lawsuit sought damages for the building’s design, materials, materials and the cost of the project.

Zaid, a former deputy prime minister and president of the country’s ruling Muslim Brotherhood party, is charged with violating the Antiquities and Cultural Heritage Act of 1924.