Architects at the Tokyo-based JK Architects are working on a new skyscraper that is a “world class masterpiece” and will be “the most beautiful building ever constructed in the city of New York”.

The new skyscrapers will feature glass facades that will span the length of the building and will look like “the curvature of the Earth”, according to the architects.

The tower will have a total height of 1,065 metres and the glass facade will reach up to 5 metres.

“We are planning on using the curvature and the curvaceous nature of glass to create a new kind of architectural expression that will create the illusion of an almost vertical building,” said JK architects’ president Kazuhiro Kawakami.

“In our vision, we will be able to create this new kind that will appear like a curvature.

We will be a tower that will rise above everything and will take the viewer by surprise, so that they will experience a very special kind of feeling,” Kawakamii said.”

Our tower will be the most beautiful skyscraper ever built in the entire world,” Kawaki said.

“It is the height of the tallest building in the whole world.

It will create an experience that will last for decades.

Its the height where everything rises, and the height is what you see when you walk through the skyscraper.”

The towers will be connected by glass facade, which will give a sense of height, with the glass being placed on top of the concrete structure.

“Glass is a form of energy that flows through the materials and can also form a new layer of materials in a structure,” Kawakis said.

The building will be built on a site in the former site of the former Japanese American Internment Camps, and will have an estimated total cost of 1.8 billion yen ($19.9 million).

It will be used for public purposes such as schools, parks and cultural facilities.

“The city will have the highest density of glass and will attract people to live, work and visit Tokyo,” Kawasaki said, adding that the buildings will attract tourists.

“There is a strong need for public spaces for the people who live and work here,” Kawasaki said.

In recent years, a number of skyscrapings have been proposed in New York, including a project in New Jersey called “The World’s Tallest Building” by developer HVAC Architects, a project by Japanese firm Takasaki Architecture for the new headquarters of the United Nations in Manhattan, and a planned tower in the Financial District that will house the New York Stock Exchange.

“New York City is in a unique position in that it has such a large population, but also has a huge population of architects, and its also an important architectural center,” Kawarami said.

This article has been corrected to show that the new skyscreepers will be linked by glass rather than concrete, not by glass walls, which was previously stated.