We’re going to get back to architecture and let you know which architecture has been the most interesting in the past month or so.

And we’ll do it all in a little bit of a slow-paced fashion.

The first part of our series is a look at what’s happened to the city over the past year, and the second part is an article that talks about what’s coming next.

But first, let’s take a look into the architecture scene in Chicago over the last two months.

There have been a lot of changes, but one thing that has not changed much is the amount of money being poured into the city.

This is not to say that Chicago has been stagnant.

Chicago is a big, diverse city, and we’re seeing some really interesting things happening.

Let’s start with a look inside the Chicago Architecture Center, the building that the mayor wants to rename “the most exciting place in the world.”

The Chicago Architecture and Design Center was opened in February 2018 as a place for architecture and design students to work on projects.

It was a place to work in a collaborative environment, and students had access to more than 10,000 square feet of space.

It had a lot going for it.

It offered plenty of space for students to build their own projects, and a space for professors to teach them new techniques.

The students could build on projects and use their experience to help students solve big problems, such as how to create new public spaces and how to design buildings that can be used for social and economic change.

The building is in need of a lot more work, and some students have already started to take on the task.

Some students, including the architect Daniel Gertner, are building the entire interior of the building, which is being built by a team of students led by architect and student Kevin Ries.

They’re using existing pieces from the building and repurposing them.

But others have been trying to build something entirely different.

A group of students from the architecture department started a Kickstarter campaign last fall to build a new building, called the Design Building, that will house the architecture and engineering department’s office and the school’s design and technology labs.

The campaign raised $9,600 of its $25,000 goal by the end of May, and it’s now nearly $40,000 in the red.

The design is still a work in progress, but the students are working on getting the structure completed, including installing the necessary permits.

The student building project has inspired a lot debate in Chicago.

Some see it as a way to capitalize on the city’s rapid growth, while others think it’s a bit excessive.

It’s also a major project for the department, which was created with the aim of providing a place where students can learn in a community of peers and a place in which they can work together.

A student in Chicago will be a student for life.

Students will learn how to build structures from scratch, work with other students, and even work on their own designs.

There will also be a space where they can build new buildings, but they’ll have to pay for them themselves, because the building will be owned by the university.

The architects for the project, which the students have named “The Design Building,” are students from Chicago’s architecture and architecture school.

They hope that the building can help bridge the gap between the schools and help students to become more connected to their surroundings and with the world around them.

The idea behind the building is to create a space that students can use as a research lab and a learning space.

The designers of the Design building say that it will be the best building in the city, but there’s another way of looking at the project that has been gaining momentum over the years.

It looks more like a corporate building, and that’s why it’s getting more attention.

It is part of a growing trend that is taking the city by storm.

The school building, as it is now, has attracted a lot attention.

In addition to being the first building in Chicago to be called a “design building,” it has also become a symbol of the rise of architecture and technology.

In the past decade, architects have designed the Chicago skyline, including many buildings that look like they were built by robots, or with computer-generated models.

But what sets the Chicago Design Building apart is the idea that students will be able to learn in this new building while it’s being built.

The architecture school will open the building on Monday, February 27, 2019, and will be open to students and faculty from all of the city and beyond.

There are plans for a second building to open in 2020, but this one is currently scheduled to open sometime in 2021.

The buildings will be part of the Chicago Public Library, which will also have its own design studio and will include some of the design elements from the Designing School.

It will be called the Architecture and Information Design Studio, and in