Italia, Italy’s second-biggest soccer market, has opened its first stadium for 2019, in an ambitious plan to revive the city’s once-troubled port, the capital of its second-largest city.

The stadium, named the Cava di L’Aquila, is due to be built in the heart of the city, in a development designed to revive an ancient, almost abandoned port.

The construction of the stadium, which will host 50,000 fans, is scheduled to begin in early 2019.

The team will play home games in the city and then move to the Colonia Venezia, a nearby island that has long been known as a popular tourist destination.

But the Cva di L’,Aquila is the most ambitious project in the region, with the team’s former president, Maurizio Maranissi, a former football manager, overseeing construction.

The project, dubbed the “Renaissance of the Cave”, is expected to cost around €1bn, or about $1.4bn.

The plan includes building a new stadium, a new port and new streets and parks in the centre of the port, as well as re-routing traffic on a major road.

It will also include a major renovation of the Coloni Street, which is the main route into the city.