How to Build a Windows 8.1 Desktop With Windows 8 Architecture Design Software

Windows 8 was designed with the desktop in mind.And the new Windows 8 operating system is designed to address the issues of desktops being too thin and too bulky.That means we’re going to be building a Windows desktop with Windows 8, the new OS that’s in development.We’ll also cover some of the software you need […]

How to design a modern church

A new architecture firm is designing a church that will not only make it possible to build an ancient, Gothic cathedral in the middle of London, but it also provides a unique opportunity for people to experience the beauty of the city.Architectural Grille will design the first modern cathedral in Britain, but is not limited […]

The Future of Architectural Metal is in Your Hands

In the UK, the construction of new homes has largely been done in wood and stone, which have traditionally had better structural qualities than steel and concrete.These materials are also cheaper, lighter and more environmentally friendly.But in Germany, the future of metal construction is also in your hands, thanks to a new industry called structural […]

Which is the most popular online architecture degree in Spain?

Spanish architecture is booming in Spain, with a whopping 43% of graduates going on to become architects.But which is the best architecture school for beginners and for those looking to build their careers?

Soviet architecture’s legacy in modern design

The Soviet Union built more than 4 million buildings, including more than 400,000 in the first decade of the 20th century.Most of these buildings, which were built with concrete foundations, were designed by architects from the elite, like the architect Nikolai Khruschev.But there were a few exceptions: in the Soviet Union’s second half of the […]

How Dutch architecture is changing with a new generation of graduates

With Dutch architecture’s recent boom, its residents are now finding themselves on the outside looking in, and one of the new graduates is a professor of architecture.He has a Ph.D. in architecture from the University of Amsterdam, but it’s his passion for architecture that has him looking to the future.“When I was a student at […]

FourFour Two’s architectural rendering award winners

Architecture is a powerful medium for conveying ideas and concepts.With its emphasis on transparency and open-endedness, the visual arts are often described as the perfect medium for communicating ideas.In this article, we look at the most iconic architecture from across the 20th century and identify the architectural rendering awards that helped define the medium.Architecture has […]