How to design a Greek Revival apartment building

In the late 1980s, Athens was rocked by a wave of apartment construction that began in the suburbs of Athens.A large number of these projects were completed, and the apartments were completed with an eye toward sustainability, with the apartments serving as greenhouses for the city.One of the most notable buildings was the Greek Revival […]

Why do we love craftsmanship?

Craftsman Architecture salvage store in the Australian city of Newcastle has gone into voluntary liquidation.The store’s owner, Andrew Southey, had already lost all of his funds when he bought the property in January 2015.Mr Southolts father, Ian, was a member of the company, which built the store in 1968.He is now deceased and the store […]

The World’s Most Advanced Rooftop Shingles are Here

From the exterior of a two-story tower in Singapore, it’s hard to miss the distinctive arched roof.The roof shingle is the most advanced rooftop shingle in the world, a process that was invented by an Israeli company, Shion, in the 1960s.It’s the world’s first “architecturally designed” rooftop shingle.It makes the building taller and heavier than […]