What we know about the ‘Old Town’ of Montreal and its mysterious ruins

The ruins of Montreal are a hidden gem in Canada’s urban landscape, a ghost town of historic buildings that have endured for generations.But a series of discoveries and interviews with the city’s most prominent architects and historians have uncovered new insights into its past.Architectural drawings from the 19th century by Robert Dussault and Étienne Hébert […]

What we learned from the grand opening of the new Houston Architecture Center, which opened in May 2017

The Houston Architecture and Design Center, or HADC, is one of Houston’s first major projects and has been described as a “big tent” in its new design language.The center’s grand opening was met with widespread praise, but its most notable feature is its new “green” design language and its commitment to sustainability.But, for the many […]

A History of Chicago Architecture Tour: How Chicago’s Architecture Was Built

By now, you know that the Chicago Architecture tour was announced in October, when the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs announced that it would be hosting the first-ever tour of Chicago’s architectural heritage. The tour will take place on the National Register of Historic Places, and the entire trip will be narrated by Chicago architect James […]

How to build a house of cards with Lego bricks

In the age of Lego, it seems like the world has moved on from brick-built architecture to building things with Lego.But what if Lego was built out of Lego bricks?What if we could build buildings from Lego bricks, the architects have said.Lego architecture is built around a concept of modularity.If we want to build something […]

Seattle Architecture Firm’s ‘Moorish Architecture’ Gets Its Own Museum

Architectural firm Marshfield & Harlan has been awarded $3.5 million in a bid to open its first museum in the Seattle region.The project was proposed to the Seattle Department of Transportation and Parks by Marshfield Architecture, which specializes in sustainable architecture and landscape design, according to the city.The museum will be housed at the corner […]

How architecture design tools are helping developers write better software

Architecture companies are being flooded with a flood of new software developers every day, and it’s getting harder and harder to find the right design tools for them.The trend is being driven by the rise of mobile, which has enabled developers to access the full potential of the mobile web, but it also means the […]

How to fix your computer if it crashes, or a virus?

How to Fix Your Computer If It Crashes, or A Virus?The question is one you will be asked repeatedly as the next big PC upgrade hits the market.But is it worth the effort?We’ve put together a list of the best ways to fix a PC that’s just a few years old, from the most basic […]

What you need to know about the Chinese architecture tattoo

Boston architecture firms are starting to look more like the Chinese version of tattoo artists.As they start to make the transition from tattoos to more traditional, non-tattoo design, they’re seeing an increasing number of Chinese clients.They’re also seeing more clients, according to one firm.In addition to a growing number of tattoo-related business in Boston, there’s […]

Why it’s time to get over the fear of Italy

An architectural writer has a solution to the fear people have about Italy.He says it’s a matter of not expecting too much from architecture in the way of spectacular and ambitious projects.He has created a simple yet comprehensive guide to Italy.Italian architect Paolo Bresciani, who lives in Rome, created a guide that outlines the world’s […]

How to design an Art and Architecture site plan for your business

The first step in designing an architectural site plan is to figure out the scope of your business.Do you want to build a factory or an office building?A hotel or a restaurant?A museum or an art gallery?It’s important to figure this out before you get started.It is not a requirement to have an architectural design […]

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