How to design an architect salary database

The history of architecture is full of stories of salary databases, where data about salaries is collected from various organizations, often through a job posting or other source.But as the cost of data storage continues to skyrocket, so too do the costs of maintaining and improving such a database.In this post, we’re going to take […]

How to Design a Modern Gothic House in an Architectural Style

How to design a modern Gothic house in an architectural style?A lot of people are looking for a Gothic style interior.I’m here to tell you that the Gothic style of architecture is not only a modern architectural style, but is also an incredibly versatile architectural design technique that can be applied to any building project.A […]

How to build your own architectural design studio in under 10 minutes

Architectural design salaries are rising fast, but not for everyone.According to new data from PayScale, the median salary for a design intern is $18.71 an hour in 2017, a 22% increase from a year earlier.The median salary of an architect, however, is $49.87 an hour.These differences are due to a number of factors, from the […]