How to design a modern church

A new architecture firm is designing a church that will not only make it possible to build an ancient, Gothic cathedral in the middle of London, but it also provides a unique opportunity for people to experience the beauty of the city.Architectural Grille will design the first modern cathedral in Britain, but is not limited […]

Maya architecture in the Pacific Northwest (Part 3)

Part 3 of our series looking at architectural grille and architecture depot in the Portland metro area.In this installment we explore the history and current architecture of the Pacific northwest.The grille is a long-established architecture style in the city of Portland.It’s a modern design and is an expression of the area’s rich culture and history.The […]

Next Big Thing to Come From Architecture: Architecture grille

The new Next Big thing to come from architecture is a grille.The grille, which is the only visible part of a building, will be a huge boon to design, according to architect Ramiro Sánchez-Cortés, the design director for the Architecture Institute of New York.“It will be an enormous improvement in aesthetics and will make it […]