The World’s Most Advanced Rooftop Shingles are Here

From the exterior of a two-story tower in Singapore, it’s hard to miss the distinctive arched roof.The roof shingle is the most advanced rooftop shingle in the world, a process that was invented by an Israeli company, Shion, in the 1960s.It’s the world’s first “architecturally designed” rooftop shingle.It makes the building taller and heavier than […]

How to buy a $1,000 architectural roof shingle for under $1K

The construction of a new building in your home could be a bit like buying a new roof.The first step is to select the roof type and size you want to build.Here’s what you need to know to determine the right size and type of roof shings.Roof Shings are typically made of a thin material […]

How to find your perfect home

Inside your perfect house article Your home will look beautiful.But what will you be doing in it?The perfect home will be the home of your life, and we want you to feel the excitement of being in it.The perfect house is a place where you are at your happiest.It will be a place you can […]