How to buy a $1,000 architectural roof shingle for under $1K

The construction of a new building in your home could be a bit like buying a new roof.The first step is to select the roof type and size you want to build.Here’s what you need to know to determine the right size and type of roof shings.Roof Shings are typically made of a thin material […]

Architecture degree: 3,000 miles and counting—what is it?

What is an architectural degree?It’s the culmination of an undergraduate or graduate degree in architecture, and it involves a variety of skills, including architectural planning, survey design, construction and engineering, and design of buildings.But if you want to start working in the field, you’re probably not going to want to apply to an architecture degree […]

How to Make Your Architectural Degree More Than Just A Job

An architect’s degree is a job, a job is a degree, but a degree is more than that.It is the foundation for a lifetime of achievement, a path to a career that makes you feel powerful and powerful people.A degree in architecture can help you find and keep a job in your field, but it […]