A lot of things have changed since we first met. Now it’s about building a better world

The first thing to know about Azure is that it’s not just a cloud service.It’s a full-stack infrastructure platform, with apps, tools, and services built on top.The biggest changes have come since we last saw it.And the biggest changes we’ll talk about are about how to build a better Azure world.The future Azure world When […]

How to get a modern urban design job

Modern architecture and urban design are the subject of a fierce competition between companies and developers to become the next big thing.While some people have been working on modern architecture for more than 100 years, it took just six years to break into the world of digital design, as the likes of Nike and Airbnb […]

When you’re not building a brand, you can still build an app!

The software industry has a reputation for being a very technical field, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a technical wizard to do great work.A good developer can still write great software.In fact, the best developers can do a lot more than just write great code.I recently interviewed Jason Zweig, a software engineer […]

Which architecture firms are leading the way in Africa?

CricInfo is the internet’s leading source of all things architecture.Cricinfo is owned by CNN.Crikey is owned, in part, by Bloomberg LP.CricInfo was launched in 2001.It is a joint venture between CNN and a group of news organisations that include the BBC, Reuters, Bloomberg and the New York Times.Crikey covers architecture, design, technology, business and lifestyle.

How to Choose the Best Computer Architecture for Your Business

The last thing anyone wants to see is a company struggling to survive as it’s facing severe financial pressures and facing the potential of bankruptcy.But if you’re an architecture company with an architectural portfolio that includes buildings like the one in this image, you’ll be in great shape.You’ve got a solid foundation in your software […]