The Future of Architectural Metal is in Your Hands

In the UK, the construction of new homes has largely been done in wood and stone, which have traditionally had better structural qualities than steel and concrete.These materials are also cheaper, lighter and more environmentally friendly.But in Germany, the future of metal construction is also in your hands, thanks to a new industry called structural […]

How to fix the Giants’ broken roof

There’s been a lot of talk about how to fix this problem.But how can you fix a roof that has been broken for so long?A team that had the reputation of being the most conservative in the NFL, which has a reputation for not having much patience with change, and which is currently on the […]

How to protect your home in an earthquake-prone region

A building in Australia’s west has received a record-breaking $10 million worth of upgrades from the Federal Government after a powerful quake rocked the area in January.Key points:A $10m boost to the West Gate Apartments in Geelong has made the complex more earthquake-resistantMore than 400 people were evacuated after the quakeIn addition, a new building […]