How to design an architectural masterpiece

A group of architects has created a design that looks like it was designed by a wizard.The architects of the design project, which is in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign, have dubbed the design the Lego Architecture for Interior Design.The Lego Architecture was built on the foundations of a Lego set that is the […]

How to build a Lego-style London skyscraper using Lego bricks

In a city built with Lego, building a Lego skyscraper can be tricky.It takes years of planning, extensive training and, eventually, a lot of money.Here’s how to get started.1.Find an architect The first step is to find an architect who’s interested in building a new London skyscrapers.London is a small, dense city, with a population […]

How to Find the Best Luxury Apartments in London

London is often considered a luxury capital, but it’s actually the capital of a very small number of cities.In fact, the British capital is home to only two other cities that rank as the top 10.¬†We’ll be looking at the best residential buildings in London to get you started, but before we do, let’s talk […]

LEGO Architecture: ‘I didn’t design the building, I was a part of it’

The building of the Lego Architecture set is about the idea that you can create something by combining bricks, metal, and plastic.The buildings themselves are made of bricks, but they can be built to look like any other Lego building.And the builders themselves are actually Lego pieces.I’m going to give you an example of one […]