Italia’s new football stadium to open in 2019

Italia, Italy’s second-biggest soccer market, has opened its first stadium for 2019, in an ambitious plan to revive the city’s once-troubled port, the capital of its second-largest city.The stadium, named the Cava di L’Aquila, is due to be built in the heart of the city, in a development designed to revive an ancient, almost abandoned […]

Why you should never ever use a mason jar

A mason’s jar is a sturdy container that houses your stuff.It’s a perfect container for storing things like your gardening tools, your paints, and your paintbrushes, as well as things that you don’t need to use often.You can use a variety of mason jars in your home to store things like household tools and food.They […]

When you’re not building skyscrapers, you can still build a house

The word “architecture” seems to have a lot of baggage in the media, and it’s becoming increasingly used to mean a lot more than it used to.Architectural scale rulers are ubiquitous in the architecture industry, and many of them are designed by people with a love for architecture and its history.A scale ruler might be […]

This is the best Minecraft I’ve ever played (with screenshots)

Ars Technic’s Matthew Henson recently released an article called The Minecraft Architecture.In it, Henson explores the architecture of the game’s universe and what makes it so fun.He notes that Minecraft is an online game with a community of fans who have built everything from houses to castles to robots.Henson calls the game the “Minecraft architecture” […]