How to get a new house worth $150 million

Palm Springs, California— It’s one of the fastest growing and most expensive real estate markets in the country, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to buy a new one.That’s why we have an easy guide to finding the most affordable homes in Palm Springs.It is a bit of a chicken and egg dilemma.For many […]

Palm Springs architect who drew comparisons with David Byrne draws on his art to help revive colonial revival architecture

Palm Springs architecture, inspired by the works of British artist David Byrne, has been revived in a new design with a focus on contemporary designs.The design is by the firm A.R.B Architects and it uses recycled materials such as aluminium, steel and concrete to make the buildings in the heart of the resort more modern […]

The 10 best architectural floors in Palm Springs

Palm Springs, CA – If you’re in the mood for an architectural walk-through, this might be the perfect place to begin.The following list contains a list of 10 buildings in Palm Beach County that are worthy of your time.The Palm Beach Hills in Palm Desert is home to a number of interesting buildings and many […]

How Palm Springs will shape the future of architecture

Architects and developers in the world’s largest city are scrambling to come up with a new way to design buildings that are more sustainable and more livable.Palm Springs has been a pioneer in the use of micro-grids, micro-fabrication and sustainable design, and has been developing sustainable technologies and a plan to build sustainable buildings in […]

‘Queen Anne’ Architecture Career: ‘I Don’t Know What to Say’

The queen of Egypt is not the first person to be described as a queen architect.The term comes from the term “queen architect,” which has since taken on new meanings in the modern era.Here’s a look at the career of one of the countrys most famous women.

How did Palm Springs become one of Australia’s best data warehouses?

Melbourne’s famed Palm Springs data centre was built on the site of a Victorian estate and it remains the largest data centre in the world.It houses the global market for financial data and provides financial advisors, insurance brokers, and corporate clients with an efficient and cost-effective way to access financial data.But what does the data […]